Sunday, December 5, 2010

Diagrams in Diagrams

In AppComplete you can create three types of diagrams

1. Class Diagrams

Class diagrams of AppComplete


2. State Diagrams

State diagrams of AppComplete

3. Process Diagrams

Process diagrams of AppComplete

What at least I think is very cool is that any diagram can hold any other diagram (new from December). So you can get all information in one diagram:


You cannot work in the placed diagrams – but if you double click them you will navigate to them.

Recurse Diagrams

If you are like me you probably ask yourself “can I recurse the diagrams”? Lets have a look what happens when I take the Class diagram from above that shows two placed diagrams (one state diagram and one process diagram) and add it to the Process diagram – that then should show up how many times?

Diagram of diagram

Cool – but the we hold of the recursion to 2 levels – I had to – or my mind would melt…

Lets switch back to the class diagram:


Cool – I like it. I Like WPF!


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